About our founder

Jullane B. Ebanks - Bth, RCIC

Jullane is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and a Commissioner of oaths.  

She initially came to Canada as an international student but had challenges becoming a permanent resident of Canada as she was not able to find good and affordable representation. She is now a Canadian citizen and has dedicated her career to helping others realise their Canadian immigration and Citizenship dreams. She aims to efficiently and effectively assist individuals gain their status in Canada and for those who are already permanent residents to help them gain the privilege of Canadian citizenship.

She specializes in Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs, Refugee cases for abused women and children, Family sponsorship applications, Work, Visitor and Student visa applications, Canadian citizenship applications and provides a variety of other immigration and administrative services.

She believes that a one size fits all approach cannot work for her clients and as a result, she offers flexible payment plans based on each individual's budget and aims to charge the lowest fees possible.

It takes someone who has gone through the process to have the heart to help others.

Some of her successful cases

- Applicant was criminally inadmissible to Canada and not eligible for criminal rehabilitation. Successfully applied for Humanitarian and Compassionate exemption. 

- Applicant was financially inadmissible as sponsor was found ineligible to sponsor for receipt of social assistance after application was submitted. Successfully requested humanitarian consideration from the Visa office. 

- Applicant was deported from Canada, returned to Canada under different name and did not apply for Authorisation to return (“ARC”). Successfully requested humanitarian and compassionate exemption.

- Minor Applicants lost status after parent failed to extend their visitor status while she was studying in Canada. Successfully applied for Temporary Resident permits to regularise their status in Canada.

- Failed refugee claims successfully appealed at the Refugee Appeal Division.

- Refugee claimants whose claims were based on domestic violence. Some cases had delay issues and intervention from the Minister. 

- Immigration alleged misrepresentation by Applicant who was landed in Canada after being sponsored by his former spouse. Successfully made submissions to prove that misrepresentation was not intentional and provided case law to support. Applicant was allowed to keep his permanent resident status. 

- Sponsorship application successfully converted to Humanitarian and compassionate application after marriage breakdown. 

- Several successful visitor visa applications where Applicant’s did not have adequate ties to home country. 

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